Workbench 2022 Q1 Product Update

We are excited to share with you our latest Product updates.




Workbench + Wiise

Workbench + Business Central integration

Wiise and Business Central

Mobile Purchase Orders

Enable your employees to carry on with their job, while complying with the company's procurement process.

Mobile Purchase Orders allow an employee out in the field or at a Supplier, to quickly put together a Purchase Order on-the-go, approve it and have it fulfilled.

Mobile PO 2


Better Visibility of Contract Claim Dates

You can now easily identify Claim Date vs Invoice/Certified Date on Claims tab on a Contract and from Job Invoices.

Certified 1 month later than Claimed Date


Upvise Record of Equipment Matrix

Keep track of Documents for plant items, and their expiry dates in a Matrix, with Tasks automatically created before expiry date so your team can action and renew if necessary.

Examples of documents are Registration certificates or Certificates of inspection.

Upvise Equip matrix


Enhancements That will Help You Manage Your Revenue

Check out:

  • Automated Creation of Recurring Charges
    Standard Outputs allows you to automatically generate recurring charges on a Job (commonly charges that you bill monthly). This process creates the cost transactions on your Job, having them ready to be billed. Never miss this kind of revenue again and avoid manual entry every month.
  • Follow up outstanding Job invoices with Debt Management
    This feature provides the ability to follow up outstanding Job invoices and add notes against them, to track any communication with the client or reasons why the invoice is still outstanding.

Upcoming features on the next quarter:

Upvise - Project Subjobs:

Jobs and Subjobs structure in Workbench replicated in Upvise. This has been a major redesign, which will improve the usability of Daily Diary and other data entry forms, where you can code your transactions against your project subjobs.
Upvise subjobs

Job Enquiry Financial View:

To facilitate reconciliation with Financials this new tab on Job Enquiry will show the accounting view of each job. 

Service Desk:

We have made significant enhancements to our Service offering to more tightly integrate the Upvise Mobile Application functionality used by Service Teams and the Service Desk back office in Workbench.

Some of the Highlights include:

  • Redesigned Log interface in Workbench which is more in line with Upvise Jobs and the Transaction Tabs are revised to resemble more closely our successful Daysheet format
  • Notes integration from field to back office
  • Raise Purchase Orders directly against Logs
  • Log matching on AP Vouchers
  • Integration of attachments and forms from Upvise back to Workbench
  • New Workbench Log Completion screen with a Financial summary
  • New Log tab on Job Enquiry which shows all Log activity for a given Job, this view presents as a financial snapshot of each Log with the ability to drill into it

Improved integration with Benchmark:

In a joint effort with Benchmark estimating software, we are working to make this integration smooth to speed up your process.Benchmark

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We are excited to share with you our latest Product updates.

We are excited to share with you our latest Product updates.