A comprehensive product and technical support service is provide by Workbench International and Accredited Workbench Partners.

Workbench provides a range of support options:

  • Web portal
  • Web forums
  • Email
  • Phone
  • On-site

Workbench utilises a web portal to record and track all support calls. Customers are strongly encouraged to log their support requests on the portal, which is monitored by a full time help desk.

Resolutions are dispatched via the portal, email or phone; depending upon the nature of the issue. It may also require the Workbench team to assist directly through remote login to the customers system or by a site visit.

Response priorities are based on the impact the fault is having on running Workbench with critical faults being responded to within 4-8 hours. Less critical items have a response time of 2-3 days.

Workbench Support Options

Freshdesk - General Clients

For those sites that use Freshdesk for support, you can access the Workbench Freshdesk support portal below:

If you have lost or do not have access to your support login details, you can also email the helpdesk team directly. In all cases, we request that clients use the support portals first as this allows for us to better track and manage your issues. If this is not possible, this service is provided as a last line of support.

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