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Maximise productivity and increase profits

Effective resource utilisation leads to improved financial performance

The profitable use of labour resources is a major challenge to most businesses, with none more so than service based organisations where people and their skills are the deliverable. Even if your services are delivered on a time and disbursements basis, we live in an age where clients expect value for money so every engagement warrants appropriate control over cost and quality. Where you are working on fixed fees, every extra hour worked is a reduction in profitability and a lost opportunity to generate additional billable hours.

Workbench understands these challenges and has developed an integrated time and cost system to give your organisation daily control of jobs and staff utilisation.



Job Costing


Flexible work breakdown structures
Define your own job costing structures.
Setup jobs the way they need to be managed independent of the accounting system.
  • Jobs
  • Sub-jobs (6 levels)
  • Detailed job work centres
  • User defined costing activities

Sophisticated Billing


Flexible and fast billing options reduce administration overhead
A multitude of billing options are available which makes the process of invoicing fast and easy. Invoices can be sent electronically.
  • Input based billing
  • Output based billing
  • Milestone billing
  • Internal and inter-company billing



Web Based and Mobile Phone timesheets

Access your timesheets from anywhere on any device. Fully integrated so that as hours are booked you can see the cost on your jobs.

  • Web based personal timesheet
  • Mobile phone timesheet option
  • Crew timesheets
  • Integrate with your payroll

Powerful Reporting


Comprehensive standard and custom reporting solutions

Modern reporting tools like Sharperlight and a large range of out of the box reports make reporting simple so you can get the best out of your data.

  • Web / mobile friendly reports
  • Large selection of standard reports
  • End-user report builder (Sharperlight)
  • Dashboards
  • Excel integration

Resource Scheduling


Manage your resources more effectively

Allocate your resources to jobs so that you have visibility of who is working where. Identify gaps and resource shortfalls in your programs.

  • Accessible online
  • Schedule by person
  • Schedule by job
  • Schedule by log

Human Resources


Track your qualifications and skills

Make the most of your staffs skills by tracking them in the HR module. Ensure staff are always up to date with training and certifications and be warned when items are due to expire.

  • Employee details
  • Certificate tracking
  • Medical
  • Security pass information
  • Disciplinaries
Who is Workbench for?

Professional Services (Corporate):

This multi-disciplined engineering company employs over 200 professional staff working from 5 office locations across Australia and New Zealand. The company delivers a diverse range of projects, from simple engagements on time and disbursements to larger fixed fee projects.

Staff are responsible for entering their own timesheets and expense claims with job managers undertaking regular progress reviews and the preparation of client invoices.

To optimise the use of internal resources, staff from different offices will often work on the same large projects. With each location managed as a separate profit centre, it is necessary for the job management system to manage security and charges between profit centres and separate legal entities.

There is a formal accounting and administration function which is responsible for the production of monthly management accounts with a focus on job profitability and employee productivity.

Professional Services:

You employ 15 – 50 professional staff working from a single location and specialise in one or two key disciplines in areas such as engineering or IT.

Staff are responsible for entering their timesheets and expense claims, with job managers undertaking regular progress reviews and the preparation of client invoices with assistance from the administration function.

Monthly reporting is focused on employee productivity, job profitability and revenue forecasting. Formal quarterly and annual accounts are prepared by an external accountant.

Professional Service firms using Workbench

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