Workbench Project Management Software

Workbench is designed to meet the operational needs of project oriented businesses and anyone responsible for delivering projects.

The software is designed around a modern, mobile first framework. You can access project information from any device anywhere, and at any time.

Workbench is designed for operational people and uses formats and terminology they will know and understand.

Workbench integrates with most common accounting applications and many other software systems like estimating tools and payroll programs.

Remove your reliance on spreadsheets and manual systems and increase your productivity and the accuracy of your project reporting.

Drive your business

Our experienced consulting team helps you through the Workbench implementation process. Our team bring many years of experience with them and can help you get the best out of the Workbench software. Our consultants work with many companies delivering different solutions to specific industries and client requirements, they bring a lot of creative ideas and knowledge about what works best. Consultants also play a big part in the continuing success of Workbench within your business, a few examples of how we help are clients:

  • Technical / IT Audits and Review
  • Upgrades
  • New features / modules
  • Advising on Process improvements
  • Training

Information Anywhere

Workbench is pleased to provide the Upvise mobile application platform as a complimentary solution to Workbench for those customers wishing to extend their capabilities in the field.

Upvise is used internationally by leading contractors to manage a range of project functions, this is all done via the HTML5 web interface or native Android or iOS applications.

  • Designed to be able to work completely offline
  • Rich device integration - Maps, Camera, GPS, SMS, Email, Phone Calls, Charts, NFC, Push Notification, PDF & more

Below are a few areas where we are currently promoting Upvise to compliment Workbench:

  • Compliance / Audits / Inspections
  • Daily Diary / Custom forms
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Project Management for site staff
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Maintenance Services

Increase visibility

We use and recommend Sharperlight for all of your Business Intelligence needs. In the modern workplace using data analysis to drive good decision making is becoming increasingly common.

You have an amazing database of valuable data with Workbench. Use your data to understand how you can deliver jobs better, increase utilisation, minimise risks and much more.

This data can be accessed from any device with a web browser for example:

  • Desktop / Laptop
  • Tablet / Phone
  • Apple / Android / Windows

There is also an Add-In available for Microsoft Excel.


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