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Agreement Summary

Overview of Agreement Summary

This Agreement Summary is intended to give the Customer a plain language understanding of the essential parts of this legal Agreement.


Relationship between Budget Proposal and this Agreement

Once the Customer accepts a Budget Proposal from Workbench International, the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement will apply to that Budget Proposal.

This Agreement contains the legal rights and obligations of the Customer and Workbench International.


User Licences

The initial quantity of user Licences as set out in the accepted Budget Proposal is an indication of licences required over time and may vary as required by agreement between the parties.


Deployment Method

The Workbench software is deployed on the Workbench cloud managed by Workbench International. By agreement it may be deployed on a platform managed by the Customer. Details of these methods are set out in Schedule 2 – Customer Managed, or Schedule 3 – Workbench International Managed.


The Agreement

Please read the Agreement carefully. Here are some important things you should note

  • The Customer has evaluated the suitability of the Workbench software through a practical demonstration process.
  • A Budget Proposal has been prepared as an indication of license requirements and required implementation services.
  • This Agreement contains the legal rights and obligations between the parties.
  • Workbench grants the Customer the right to access and use the Software during the Subscription Term.
  • Only the number of Licensed Users may use the Software. Workbench System Administrators can add or remove users as required using the Workbench Licence Portal.
  • Licence charges will be based on the number of active licences at the start of each month. It is the responsbility of the customer to remove any licences no longer required.
  • For Licence changes that take place in the month, charges and credits will be prorated accordingly. 
  • Third Party Products may be included in the Budget Proposal. Workbench provides these on a best-endeavours basis, but does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of these Third-Party Products.
  • Workbench uses the services of third-party providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services). Workbench International is not responsible for any failure to provide access to the Software if such third-party providers fail to provide contracted services to Workbench.
  • Customer Data input into the Software belongs to the Customer
  • Subscription Fees may be varied by Workbench International with reference to industry indexes
  • Workbench owns the Intellectual Property Rights in the Software.
  • Each party will treat the other party’s information in a confidential manner.
  • The Agreement is for the Initial Subscription Term of 3 months and will be automatically renewed monthly unless termination of the Agreement is requested in writing by the Client.
  • Use of the Software by the Customer can be suspended by Workbench International if invoiced costs for Software or Services are overdue.

Definitions and Interpretation

A detailed explanation of the terms as defined in this Agreement.

Software Access

An outline of the rules and obligations governing the use of the Workbench software.

Software and Services

The services we provide in conjunction with the Workbench software and recommended Third Party products.

Customer Data

The rights you have in relation to your data.

Customers Obligations

Your obligations as a customer of Workbench International under this agreement.

Charges and Payments

Our expectations around invoicing you and receiving payments

Intellectual Property Rights

The details of the Intellectual Property Rights associated with the Workbench software.


Our standard method for engagement and treatment of information in a confidential way.

Warranties and Liability

An outline of the warranties we provide with the software

Term and Termination

Details of the agreement term and your rights to terminate the agreement.


The process for dealing with disputes that may arise during the term of this agreement.

Force Majeure

An outline of the limitation of our liabilities in case of a Force Majeure event.


General details in relation to the agreement.


Helpdesk Services

An outline of the services provided by our helpdesk and their expectations in working with you.

Deployment - Customer Managed

The terms and conditions for supplying the Workbench software where it is being managed on premise by a customer.

Deployment - Workbench Hosted

Details of the deployment of Workbench under as a SAAS (Software as a Service) hosted solution.