Upvise new features - Part 2 (March)

Upvise has released further new features. 

New Upvise for Android v6.39 is available on Google Play

New ultra-fast account switching, works even offline (once logged in) 
Redesign application list screen with new account icon and light grey background
Redesigned Account screen (formally Settings screen) to add and switch account

A new iOs version will be released in the next few days 

Upvise Web Apps: 
Job App

The job view screen displays the amount currently invoiced

Note App

New Automatic Note archival option
Notes list views are now sortable/searchable in contacts, sales, and calendar

Settings App

View Company displays the DB Name

Form App

Updated forms dashboard start screen showing the favourites templates
Archival tool configuration: new sortable table view with template linked record column

Maintenance App

Inspection list view is now sortable/searchable

Sales App

View catalogue product. New item to reset stock

Assets App

Sortable and filterable sites and assets table view screen




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Upvise has released further new features. 

Upvise has released further new features.