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Join the Workbench team and guest presenters to learn ways to improve your business and get the best out of Workbench. Learn about new features, techniques and third-party tools you can use with Workbench to increase your productivity.
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17 September 2024


Sharperlight Reporting for Workbench

Join the Workbench team to learn about all the cool reporting tools Sharperlight has to help you get the most out of your Workbench data, with special guest presenter Donald Wynne from Sharperlight.

13 August 2024

Managing complex procurement for projects

Advanced Procurement

Join our CEO Clive Gardner as he shows you how to maximize the effectiveness of your Procurement processes in Workbench.

16 July 2024


Project & Subcontractor Retention Trust Accounts

Join this session with Maria from Workbench as she explains this newly developed module, which supports the legislative requirements of Project Trust Accounts and Subcontractor Retention Trust Accounts.

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