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Stay in control of your project costs.

Our systems deliver effective cost management.

You are managing complex projects with low margins and tight time constraints. You have clients reluctant to accept variations and subcontractors exploring every opportunity to claim extra costs. The Construction Contracts Act requires a formal and disciplined approach to engaging subcontractors. With so much going on it is an impossible task to keep spreadsheets accurate and up to date.

We have over 30 years practical experience in implementing cost management systems for construction companies. We are confident that Workbench provides you with a comprehensive solution for effectively controlling your construction projects. Read more about our Construction solution below.


Contract Management

All the important information in one place and accessible from anywhere.

Manage your contracts concisely with all the information arranged logically. Easy to understand contract interface.

  • Track Actuals vs Budget
  • Manage Variations
  • Claim and Retentions Management
  • Cost to Complete Forecasting

Document Management

Track all project communications electronically and securely

Track all inbound and outbound documents against your projects. Documents are easily shared amongst team members.

  • Variations
  • Site Instructions / RFI's
  • Drawing Register
  • E-mails and Correspondence

Subcontract Management

Reduce the overhead of managing complex subcontracts

Reduce your reliance on paper files and complex spreadsheets to make managing subcontracts simpler with less chances of mistakes.

  • Scope of Works & Variations
  • Claim Certification
  • Insurance / Certificate Checking
  • Retention Management

Site Diary

Empower your site staff with the Project Portal.

Eliminate the amount of manual systems you have onsite, use the site portal and mobile modules to streamline and simplify your site administration.

  • Daily Site Diary
  • Crew Timesheets
  • Site Audits
  • Toolbox Meetings


Identify problems ahead of time so you can take corrective actions

Understand how your jobs are performing and the impact on the final margin. Know what your outgoing cash requirement is

  • Auto Generated Costs to Complete
  • Forecast Final Cost Adjustments
  • Track Forecast Changes
  • Construction Cashflow

Powerful Reporting

Comprehensive standard and custom reporting solutions

Modern reporting tools and a large range of out of the box reports make reporting simple so you can get the best out of your data.

  • Web / Mobile Friendly Reports
  • Large Selection of Standard Reports
  • End User Report Builder (Sharperlight)
  • Dashboards
  • Excel Integration
Who is Workbench for?


Commercial Builders:

This builder delivers larger commercial and industrial projects. The contracts are usually fixed price with a high number of variations and subject to a Bank Guarantee or Cash Retention. The project delivery team comprises: Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Contracts Administrator and Site Supervisor.

All building work is undertaken by Subcontractors with most engaged on a fixed price contract with a Bank Guarantee or Cash Retention. Variations are common and claims are subject to a formal certification process.

Estimating is undertaken by a dedicated team of estimators using a specialist estimating tool.

There is a formal Accounting and Admin function responsible for the production of monthly management accounts and project profit reporting.

Residential Builders:

These projects have a build duration of 6-12 months, are usually quoted with minor variations and may not be subject to a Bank Guarantee or Cash Retention. The organisation is often flatter in structure with key staff sharing a number of roles that may include Estimating, Project Management, Contracts Administration and Site Supervision. Core trades such as carpentry are often undertaken by employees or labour only contractors.

Specialist trades are delivered by subcontractors, engaged under a formal contract or simply with a Purchase Order.

Estimating is often a part time role using an in-house developed excel based system or maybe outsourced.

Accounting and Admin may be a senior clerical position able to operate and manage the accounting system day to day with quarterly or annual accounts produced by an external accountant.


Construction Contractors using Workbench
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