Mobile Operations in the Field

Digitise your construction sites

Capture data once digitally, enforce WHS processes electronically; and instantly report on non-conformance and project issues

These days, just getting the job done is not good enough. You need to do the job and ensure your workers are kept safe and you are complying with all appropriate WHS standards whilst doing so.

Manual systems are slow, expensive and difficult to administer. They also provide poor visibility of faults and issues.

Workbench provides the Upvise platform fully-integrated to Workbench so you can empower your construction sites digitally with a leading paperless mobile application technology. Capture data in the field and instantly have visibility of project issues and non-conformances so you can take action quickly. A single point of contact for capturing a range of site data with appropriate transactions while also feeding back into Workbench, so you have real time visibility of your projects.

Use Upvise in the field to manage the following plus lots more...

  • Daily site diaries
  • Task allocation and tracking
  • User defined forms e.g. site audits, quality control checklists
  • Project commissioning
  • Site inductions and training records
  • Vehicle pre-start inspections
  • Plant repair requests
  • Asset management
  • SWMS

Upvise comes with a range of standard modules covering all facets of project delivery. From construction to commissioning a finished asset, through to planned maintenance activities; it is all available and integrated back into the Workbench job costing platform.


Access to your project information anywhere

  • Android or iOS compatible
  • Electronic forms and checklists
  • Offline capability
  • Schedule staff - check in / out from site
  • Electronic SWMS
  • Skills and training records for staff / contractors
  • Project plans and engineering drawings
  • Formalise site tasks

Track your equipment

  • Geo Tracking, either via Phone GPS or integrate a 3rd party GPS device
  • NFC Tag and QR Code support for vehicle identification
  • Vehicle pre-start checklists
  • Raise requests for repair
  • Manage and schedule repair jobs with maintenance staff
  • Record equipment usage and track utilisation against predefined targets
  • Maintenance calendar for planned maintenance.

Beautiful standard documents

Build digital forms quickly and easily and get away from clunky excel templates and paper

  • Design your own forms and capture the data anywhere
  • Sophisticated out-of-the box form templates that you can easily tailor to your own requirements
  • Alternatively, you can easily design your own PDF templates using every day tools and merge in any data you have captured
  • Look more professional in front of your customers with computer generated forms. No more handwritten dockets.

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