Engineering Design & Construction

Design, Construction and Commissioning of complex Engineering projects


Project Manufacturing and Fabrications


Minimise your exposure to risk

Being aware of problems is the first step to solving them

You design and deliver a range of projects to your clients specifications. The projects can often be technically challenging, you have detailed estimates and drawings to manage which can change many times during the project. You may be involved in construction but in a lot of cases you will bring in specialist subcontractors to also deliver the project. You never have enough time and you're split between managing internal resources, external contractors, your supply chain and keeping the client happy.

We know what it's like, trying to take an engineering drawing or concept from the drafting table to reality is not easy. Workbench brings together all your different disciplines into one system so you have full visibility of how the project is going at all times.


Integrated quoting and estimating 
Estimate quickly using system maintained rates, easy integration with specialist tools.
  • Import schedule of works
  • Quote Templates
  • Bill of materials
  • Manage revisions
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Quote to Job conversion

Contract Management

All the important information in one place

Manage your contracts concisely with all the information arranged logically in an easy to understand and navigate layout.

  • Track actuals vs budget in real time
  • Quote and Track Variations
  • Contract Claims and Certifications
  • Retention calculations & management
  • Cost-to-Complete Forecasting

Job Costing

Flexible work breakdown structures
Define your own job  costing structures.
Setup jobs the way they need to be managed independent of the accounting system.
  • Jobs
  • Sub-jobs (6 levels)
  • Detailed job work centres
  • User-defined costing activities
  • Multi Company / Multi Divisional


Comprehensively manage your Purchasing

Quickly generate supplier purchase orders get them approved online and send them out electronically, eliminate manual order books.

  • Electronic purchase orders
  • Delegated authorities / approval
  • Procurement schedule
  • Purchase requisitions

Stock Management

Track your materials and spare parts easily

Understand the value and quantity of materials you have on hand at any point in time. Track purchase costs and usage of stock on jobs.

  • Supplier catalogues
  • Multiple stock cost methods
  • Inwards goods
  • Unlimited stock locations
  • Re-order levels

Document Management

Track your Documents and Correspondence 

Keep all of your project documentation in one place and let Workbench handle the filing and retrieval of common project files.

  • File all documents and emails
  • Create document groups
  • Accessible online
  • Searchable document library
  • Track system sent emails

Who is Workbench for?

Fabricators and Manufacturers:

You design equipment and machinery and often work as a one-stop shop for companies looking to install a new piece of equipment e.g. conveyor systems, rock crushers and canning plants.

The design and engineering are done in-house and sometimes the fabrication. Often you will be responsible for commissioning the equipment on-site, which may involve the use of sub-contractors.

You work locally and abroad and are no stranger to trading in foreign currency.

As well as fabrication, you may also provide maintenance services. For this reason, you may have a large investment in stock and spare parts.

You have an experienced accounting and administration team.

Specialist Engineers:

A skilled business that generally does a few specialist things very well. Maybe you fabricate valves for milk processing equipment, or you could develop innovative bottling solutions for the food industry.

Often you also provide on-going maintenance and equipment servicing.

You have a small but experienced workforce of engineers, you may also carry some stock and spare parts for your maintenance work.

Engineering Contractors using Workbench


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