Managing your project goals

During a recent Workbench International implementation, it was fantastic to meet with the client to scope the project together. This reminded me of how critical it is to establish project goals. You don't just pick up a shovel and begin digging, do you? To reap the benefits of an information management system, you must first define your goals. Setting goals, on the other hand, can be difficult. The wrong ones can mislead your team and result in a hurriedly assembled system that wastes time and money in inefficient ways.

As a general rule, there should always be a link between your company's goals and the goals of a business system implementation project. For example, if your company needs to track operating costs and employee time, integrating job costing and payroll systems can save you time and money. Another example is allowing employees to record transactions on their phones or tablets in the field can improve business analysis by gathering real-time data.

Furthermore, in order to reach their full potential, these objectives should be defined in accordance with the following guidelines:

You must first develop a clear picture of your company's needs and systems.
The objectives must be measurable, attainable, and time-bound.
You should have prioritised them.
You need to be willing to accept 'best practices' when it comes to business systems.