Welcome to Tom from The Tradie Coach

Here in Melbourne, we have been lucky enough to work with Tom and we have found his experience and assistance to our clients to be really positive.
Tom has helped instill some of the skills and management discipline our clients need to maximise their use of tools like Workbench. We are keen to support Tom as he seeks to improve the knowledge and management practices of subcontractors and to that end, we will be running regular blog articles by theTradie Coach which you will hopefully find useful and relevant to your business.

A bit of background :

Tom Holmes runs a business coaching practice "The Tradie Coach."
Tom helps trade businesses in the tier 1 and tier 2 commercial construction industry to reduce stress, fear and anxiety, and support the growth they need to improve business performance and their life.
Tom has witnessed trade businesses pave a traditional growth path from residential to tier 1 and tier 2 commercial. This growth has led to many great success stories.
However, Tom has recognised that recent times have brought with them much uncertainty:
"It is harder than ever to compete and win new business."
Tom has highlighted the below Industry trends:
  • Cost before quality: Jobs are harder to win and margins are squeezed.
  • Risk: Offloading to you and increased legal & contractual issues.
  • Wages: Increased pressure on cash flow and margins are squeezed.
Now is not just a case of adjusting to the new environment but one of survival. Tom believes robust business acumen is critical to surviving today. Tom started The Tradie Coach to arm trades businesses with the tools, not only to keep them safe, but to ensure they thrive.
Below are the tools Tom provides to make this happen:
  • Strategic direction: VISION: Where you are going and how you are going to get there. How you will overcome the trends in the industry.
  • Structure: Belief in your VISION, stakeholder management & alignment, culture of accountability and employee performance measures.
  • Financial management: Accurate estimating and real time job cost reporting tools.
  • Risk: Accurate risk mitigation up front, contract management, and legal and delay issues.
  • Systems: Innovations and efficiencies to streamline your business. 

Find out more about The Tradie Coach by visiting the website here.


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Here in Melbourne, we have been lucky enough to work with Tom and we have found...
Here in Melbourne, we have been lucky enough to work with Tom and we have found...