Upvise has released further new features. 
16 March 2022
We are excited to share with you the latest updates of the Upvise platform.
28 February 2022
We are pleased to share with you new Upvise features for February
14 February 2022
 We are excited to share with you the latest Upvise enhancements
4 February 2022
Updates to Upvise have been released. 
This week Workbench was approached by Cameron Gill at Engineering Institute of Technology...
22 December 2021
Merry Christmas from the team at Workbench.
9 December 2021
There have been exciting new change made to Upvise in the last couple of weeks. You may...
1 July 2021
Hey guys just a quick post to share a great tip to create public forms in Upvise.
  The 2021 Q2 Release is coming early July. The key new features are outlined below....