Workbench 2022 - November Product Update

We are excited to share with you our latest Product updates.




View of all purchasing documents linked to a PO in one place:

Details pop-up screen on PO Lines now provides links to open each document on a new tab for easy verification and navigation between documents.
AP Voucher Credits are now also displayed in this screen.

This PO Lines details pop up screen can also be opened from a Voucher Credit (Invoice Lines tab) to verify what Invoice this Credit is being applied to.

PO links

Also a handy new column PO Details on the Purchase Order list to help you identify the PO you are looking for:

PO Details



Maintenance of large purchasing Catalogues simplified:

Filters have been added to the Catalogue screen to allow you to search for specific lines that need to be updated/checked. This is particularly beneficial for large supplier catalogues.

Catalogue filters


Cost Categories sequence:

Job Categories now have a Sequence number to set and control your preffered order Cost Categories display on the different screens.


Cost category seq



Service Desk Logs - billing small jobs:

The latest enhancements on Service Desk Logs support those types of operations with many small jobs allowing the recording of all costs and billing to be done from the Log itself, without having to create a Workbench Job for each small service being provided. See the 'Invoicing a Log' section in the User Documentation for more details.

Same functionality is supported if you are using Upvise Jobs.

Small jobs billing


Plant Depreciation:

Plant depreciation functionality is the latest addition to our Plant Management module. This is still in beta version. Please do let us know if you want to try it:

  • Generate Plant depreciation transactions to be exported to your financial system monthly.
  • Depreciation history on a Plant item.
  • Choose a depreciation method on each Plant item: Straight Line or Diminishing Value



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