Upvise Updates September to October

We are pleased to share with you the latest updates to Upvise.

Jobs Web App

Multi-equipment support with Equipment Scheduling Calendar view
In-place filtering of equipment and user name in the Search Box in the Calendar view
New option under Display: On Mobile, displays the job name in the subtitle after the first word

Settings App

Deleted items list can be filtered and searchable on any column
New System Logs monitoring to view all system events (error, warning, io and user events)

Project App

Added Export URL
Customise the project list columns in Options/Display
Floor Plan:  new option "Inline Note" : notes are added inline in the Floor Plan PDF export (avaliable from Web only)

Forms Web App

Option to automatically notify someone when a form is deleted. Forms.setValue(“EMAILDELETE”, “”someone@gmail.com”)
When a form with attached PDF files is exported in PDF, there is a cover page each attached document and an internal link from the main form in the PDF document.

Equipment App

Schedule equipment for projects
Customise the equipment list columns in Options / Display
New date variable available in custom usage log script

Assets App

New map view of all assets for a given site, using the marker colour of the asset group

Sales App

Packing Slip can now have a status : Draft / On Hold / Picked / Sent / Received

Contacts Web App

Custome views have sortable and searchable columns 

All web apps.

If a popup contains more than 10 items, a filter box is displayed on top to easily find the popup item

Android App Beta v6.48

New option to add text when drawing on an image
Option to select and change size/colour of any non saved annotation

New UpviseClient DLL 1.8

Added JSON.removed(key) and User.exists(query, email)


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We are pleased to share with you the latest updates to Upvise.

We are pleased to share with you the latest updates to Upvise.