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Workbench COVID-19 Mitigation Strategy

[fa icon="calendar"] 16-Mar-2020 17:30:32 / by Justin Gardner

Justin Gardner

Dear Customers / Partners / Friends,

Due to the disruptive and evolving nature of the Coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to reassure you all that Workbench has appropriate strategies in place to minimise any impact to your staff and your businesses.

Whilst the recommended self-isolation procedures are in place and could possibly affect the ability of consultants to work on site we do not see these having significant impact on Workbench to be able to provide effective consulting and support services remotely.

At Workbench, we are well prepared for a remote working environment. All our infrastructure is in the cloud and does not require any ongoing support.

Currently, we’re using multiple cloud providers to support our remote working environment:

  • Office365 for our emails – very stable, has multiple datacentres over the world
  • Issue Trackers – Freshdesk and Jira – these are global service providers
  • Corus telephony – we can re-direct our phone numbers to our support team
  • Zoom Meetings – For training and general support
  • Team Viewer - For training and general support and also where more technical access may be required
  • In addition to our on-premise dev environment, we support out of the office environment for any major disruption and hotfixes.

Our support team is spread geographically from Auckland, NZ to Perth, AU and cover multiple time zones.

If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to reach out to our support desk or your consultant.


The Team at Workbench

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Justin Gardner

Written by Justin Gardner

Senior Workbench Consultant based in Melbourne Australia.