Upvise Updates

Updates to Upvise have been released. 

New iPhone App: Version 6.19
  • The List.addItemSubtitle() now support the count styling attribute, like on Andriod
  • New canned notes when editing long text description in any field

New Android App: v6.34
  • Bug fix when writing NFC Tag on Android 12

Web Framework
  • New shorter button box UI

Task Web App
  • New Task list view sortable/filterable
  • Redesign Task View screen with short button boxes
  • New colourful action button for Task view screen


Calendar Web App 
  • Redesigned with Event View screen with short buttons boxes
  • New Event Task view (Open & Completed)


Settings Web App

  • Manage Users list view is now searchable and sortable. The user search feature from the top search box has been replaced by the built-in new table search function.
  • User View screen. Change Password and Change Name actions are merged in the Edit button as a popup.
  • Change Password / Name screens are now displayed in a popup pane instead of full screen.
  • User View  / In the notification tab, the Send TEST notification button has been moved to the top of the screen,
  • Database Size screen : the list of tables is now searchable and sortable.


Sales Web App
  • Redesigned Deal View screen
  • New colourful action button for Quote/Invoice View screen
  • Merged the Toolbar tabs for Invoices / PO / Quotes / Catalog with the Button boxes indicator
  • Renamed “To Be Received” label to “Open” in Invoices screen
  • Total price indicators for Invoices / Quotes are rounded to the nearest thousand.
  • Redesigned Contract view screen With button boxes and tags
  • Deprecated the Hide Dashboard option.

Forms Mobile App
  • When there is only on subform, the SubForms tab display directly the list to subform, saving one click from previous implementation
Forms Web App
  • In options, dataset and group sections views the lists are fully sortable and searchable
  • Programmatic cancel the creation of a form in the On Create custom script template if Forms.ERROR_CREATE is set to a custom string error message
  • Public Form: Support of default value (but not javascript) for checkbox or text fields
  • Added + icon on button creating a New sub form on Web
  • Added the Sub Template Name before the table view output on Form View screen for clarity
  • New option in Form Templates > Configuration > PDF to add template name header when used as a sub form.
Equipment Web App
  • Redesigned Options screen with General and Display section
  • New option to hide maintenance feature in Display
  • Option to filter the form templates against a piece of equipment per equipment group
  • Got to Option, Groups, pick a group then choose one or more form groups to restrict
Jobs Web App
  • Colour icons on left pane
  • New Scheduler feature to create Planned schedule for staff per day for each job
  • Redesigned Options screen with new Calendar section
  • New colourful actions button for Job View screen

Timesheet App
  • Colour icons on web and mobile

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4 February 2022

Updates to Upvise have been released. 

4 February 2022

Updates to Upvise have been released.