2021 Q1 Release

WB 2021 Q1 Software Release


The 2021 Q1 Release brings with it a range of improvements and new features.  Some of these features have been in use for a while with customers as part of a beta program but this release formally acknowledges these are now fully live and available for all clients.

The key new features are outlined below. Please look out for further information relating to these new features as we get closer to releasing them.


New Features:

Contract Communications

To better assist the Contract Administration process Workbench has put together a Contract Communications module.

A few highlights of this module are:

  • Define Document types with the ability to create custom attributes associated with each document type for recording specific information.
  • Create Custom Document number sequences
  • Define Document Categories for filing and easy searching of documents
  • Link Documents to key masterfiles, Jobs, Companies, Person, Documents, Subcontracts
  • Define Document and Email templates to speed up the creation and ensure the consistency of sent communications
  • Ability to attach files to documents and also include them in outbound communications.
  • Where you are integrating with Office 365 Workbench automatically tracks the email thread.

See it in Action here:


New Award Interpretation (EBA) module

The first version of the Workbench Award Interpretor saw a great level of uptake with our clients that had been struggling with the complexities of calculating payroll awards manually. This latest update brings significant changes and improvements and is recommended for all sites moving forward.

  • New web based screens for setting up and maintaining your agreements
  • Introduction of Job and People Tags for greatly increased flexibility in calculating where awards should be applied.
  • Timesheet transactions are now separate from Award transactions which is better for audit purposes.
  • New payroll column on timesheets shows the calculated Pay awards that relate to each timesheet line.
  • Additional features such as back costing whereby the calculated cost after the EBA has been run can be applied back to the original Job Cost Timesheet transaction to "True" up the job costs.
  • The calculation procedure has been refined and runs significantly quicker.

Procurement Updates

Dockets with Commitments

Dockets form a big part of the capture of site costs for a lot of our clients. What has been missing from this process is being able to associate an initial commitment with the dockets process.

We now have the ability to generate a Purchase Order from a Docket Cost Schedule which once raised will then reflect the commitment for this purchase against the project.

As you receive the dockets for this order then the Purchase Order commitment will reduce and the costs of the dockets will be reflected on the job in the normal way

Dockets can then later be matched against a suppliers invoice as part of our normal vouchering process.


Procurement Schedules

A range of improvements have been added to the procurement schedules function:

  • Ability to update schedules to reflect that latest catalogue prices
  • Compare pricing of items provided by multiple suppliers to help in selecting the best price
  • Incorporation of Stock Requisitioning
  • Copy lines from another schedule
  • Bulk Approval of Procurement lines



Stock Management

The Stock Management module has been re-engineered in Web Workbench, with some significant improvements.

  • Stock costs are now recognised when goods are received into stock, subsequent stock issues now have an appropriate cost rate even through there may be a delay in processing the AP invoice.
  • Average costing is calculated and managed by stock location.
  • Inventory control can be applied by location, so that you can manage which items are managed under which location.

Other functionality includes:

  • Stock Items / Catalogues / Groups / Categories
  • Multipe Stock Locations / Min & Max Quantities per location
  • Serial number tracking
  • Inwards Goods / Mobile Inwards Goods
  • Stock Taking
  • Stock Requisitions / Issues / Transfers / Return

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The 2021 Q1 Release brings with it a range of improvements and new features. Some of...

The 2021 Q1 Release brings with it a range of improvements and new features. Some of...