Updates for May from Upvise.

The updates from Upvise for May have been released. 

Settings App
New User Console from the left pane : view / filter / search every use- generated network request like SYNC / LOGIN / SIGN-OUT / PDF / EMAIL / NOTIF per day.
For Admin users only 
Jobs App

Jobs custom fields can be customised per job group. In Options > Custom Fields
New option to hide Add Product / Service in Options > Display

Files App

File list columns are now fully sortable and searchable

Timesheet App

Under options > Display, you can now customise Users to display in the Planned Schedule

Project App

On web view Project : the Map button has been moved from Project Info to main view Project screen
Same button "Map" also appears on the "View Project" mobile screen
The Map view screen now shows all project assets pinpointed with GPS coordinates on the map

Sales App

In Options > General. New checkbox: Use server-side generated numbers for Quotes/Invoices/PO/Packing Slips

Android Upvise v6.43

Scan document bug fix resolution
Scanned document images have a minimum resolution of 1200 pixels size

UpviseClient DLL v1.7

Bug Fix when querying "system.roles" and "system.globalsettings" table
Passing token in HTTP Header
Recommended upgrade for ALL intergrations