Case Study - Undercover Group

Undercover Group provides commercial and environmental landscape services to the government, civil and commercial development sectors.



"Workbench: One neat package that has already revolutionised the way we do business"

Julie Vale
Financial Controller Undercover Group



The Background

For Undercover Group, putting quality ahead of profit is why they have trusted, long-term relationships with all their clients and the key to it is delivering high quality projects, on-time and on budget.

Headquartered in Sydney, Undercover Group is at the forefront of the landscaping industry with an established environmental pedigree. Supplying the highest quality urban renewal and environment projects to civil contractors, commercial clients, and government agencies.

As experts in their field, they provide the widest range of ‘whole site’ landscaping and environmental services. From site remediation to constructing large urban landscape developments, delivering VMPs to environmental rehabilitation, managing bio-diversity offsets even growing native plant stock.

The Problem

“We have grown steadily in the last 10 years, our staff has increased over this time from 7 to more than 50. We have also developed several standalone divisions, which operate as unique entities. We needed greater oversight of where our money was going.”

Julie Vale
Undercover Group

The Solution

Workbench is a project management software designed to meet the operational needs of project-oriented business and anyone responsible for delivering projects.

A true ‘swiss army knife’ with functionality such as:

  • Job Costing
  • Contract Management
  • Budgets/Variations
  • Subcontract Management
  • Procurement
  • Billing
  • Timesheets and Award Interpretation
  • Equipment Management
  • Operational Reporting and Analysis.

Workbench helps its clients in various project industries by maximizing resources and minimizing risks to boost profits.


Workbench offers a competitively priced role-based license software solution engineered with the latest technology, that gives maximum flexibility, high performance, and easy data transfer to third party products. Workbench integrates with most common accounting applications and many other software systems like estimating tools or payroll programs.

“Initially, what attracted us to Workbench was that it is significantly cheaper than some competitor products. However, once we started looking into it the program it solved a whole range of issues we have been having in one neat package.” – says Julie.

“The greatest challenge we had before Workbench is that we were not accurately able to use the large amount of data we collected to make informed business decisions.” – Explains Julie.

With Workbench and Upvise all Undercover Landscaping’s site managers record Daily Diaries with information that includes Crew Timesheets, Equipment usage, Dockets – this information updates the costs to the projects in real-time.


In addition, site supervisors also capture a range of other data digitally, Site Visits, Delays, Meetings, Incident reports, Site Inductions, Job Safety, Toolbox Meetings, and Equipment Prestart Checklists.

Samsung Upvise Mockup (no background and shadow no margins)


“Personally, my favourite feature of the software is the integration between Workbench and Upvise. Upvise is the mobile site operations component - “Having our site teams entering accurate cost data from the field is a game changer” adds David.

Running large numbers of projects simultaneously requires a project management system that can help the business make informed and timely decisions.

“Our budget management has increased out of sight in the past month, and with Workbench our Project Managers are able to confidently look at their budgets. It is a system that if used correctly provides all the busines analytics, both from a financial and project management perspective which allows senior management to make educated and on time decisions.” – Julie adds.

Workbench Consultants use a standardized approach to software implementation, coupled with extensive experience in construction and accounting.

"Our consulting teams across Asia Pacific are very experienced with delivering solutions to a wide range of businesses. From large corporate entities delivering complicated infrastructure projects both here and internationally, to privately owned small and mid-size contractors. Not much phases our team these days and we love sharing our expertise with our clients." - Justin Gardner - General Manager Australia

“Implementation has been effortless – Our team have been open to change and putting the new system in place, the training sessions and documents were easy to understand” - Julie Vale - Undercover Group

Undercover is looking to further develop their business arms to ensure they can provide their great level of service to even more customers.

It is the company belief that Workbench has already revolutionized the way they do business.

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