Schedule 1 - Helpdesk Services

  1. For the purposes of this Schedule 1:
Fault means a failure of the Software to function substantially as described in the Documentation;
Helpdesk Services include:
(a)           advice on:
(i)         operating the Software;
(ii)        rectifying bugs or deficiencies of an inherent nature in the Software;
(b)           other advice as may be reasonably required by Customer to obtain the full benefit and use of the Software;
(c)           the investigation and diagnosis of Faults; and
(d)           the repair and correction of Faults.
  1. Workbench International will provide the Helpdesk Services remotely through the use of Zoom, TeamViewer (or similar), or by e-mail or telephone (as required) during Normal Business Hours. Customer will log Faults via the Workbench support portal.
  2. The Helpdesk Services do not include services provided by Workbench International (or its accredited reseller) relating to or resulting from:
(a)           time travelling to Customer’s site where the Software is being used;
(b)           training on or technical assistance with the Software that is not due to a fault in the Software, which will be charged to Customer, and Customer agrees to pay, at Workbench International’s then current charge out rates;
(c)           misuse of the Software or failure to use the Software in accordance with the Documentation or this Agreement;
(d)           unauthorised attempts to repair, replace, modify or maintain the Software by persons other than Workbench International (or its accredited reseller);
(e)           support provided outside Normal Business Hours;
(f)            faults in communications networks;
(g)           technical support relating to Customer’s hardware and/or network environment;
(h)           failure by Customer to operate the Software in accordance with any environmental conditions specified by Workbench International;
(i)            anything else excluded from Helpdesk Services as specified in Schedule 2 (where the Deployment Model selected is “Customer Managed”).
  1. Customer will:
(a)           promptly report to Workbench International all Faults which Customer discovers;
(b)           ensure that:
(i)         a system administrator is available to be the prime point of contact with Workbench International in the event of any Faults or queries;
(ii)        the system administrator has a good understanding of the Software and its operation;
(c)           make all reasonable efforts at investigation and diagnosis of Faults before contacting Workbench International;
(d)           maintain a list of all Software problems to assist with the diagnosis and resolution of Faults.